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– The EXP. MODE button is also used to enter and exit low
cut mode. Low cut mode places a high pass filter after the bucket brigades in the
delay section to remove bass or low frequencies from the delayed signal. To
enter low cut mode, press and hold the EXP. MODE button for 2 seconds. All four
Exp. Mode LEDs will light up indicating that you are in low cut mode. Now you
can release the button. Use the RATE knob to adjust the amount of bass roll-off
in the wet signal; as you turn RATE clockwise you will hear less bass. Turning
the RATE knob to full counter-clockwise completely bypasses low cut mode. The
factory default setting bypasses low cut mode. To exit low cut mode, press and
release the EXP. MODE button, it will return you to the previous expression mode
setting while saving the new low cut setting. The low cut mode setting is also
saved and recalled when power cycling the DXMB.

LOW CUT MODE BYPASS – There are two ways to bypass low cut mode: 1)
Enter low cut mode by holding down the EXP. MODE button, then turn the RATE
knob down to the full counter-clockwise position. 2) While powering up the
DXMB, hold down the EXP. MODE button. It will immediately set the DXMB to
bypass the low cut filter and also save the new setting. To bypass low cut mode,
you must press and hold the EXP. MODE button before applying power to the